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Posted by Admin | 17 Jul 2023

The design concept revolves around a modern classical theme, where different styles are seamlessly integrated into various rooms while maintaining a sense of cohesion throughout the entire space.


One of the key aspects of the modern classical theme is the use of a monochromatic colour palette with warm and cool neutrals. This combination creates a perfect balance, providing a calm and inviting atmosphere. The addition of pops of colour and simple patterns, such as stripes or vintage accents, adds depth and character to the overall design.


We focus on incorporating creative elements that elevate the space. Well-made furniture with intricate detailing, including inlay, carved textures, and ornate pieces with a touch of fauna influence, adds a sense of elegance and sophistication. The design also includes a unique molding grid on the ceiling, complemented by carefully selected designer lights, creating an enchanting ambience. Balanced greenery with a variety of planters brings life to the space, making it vibrant and welcoming.


Functionality and comfort are of utmost importance in modern classical design. Each room is designed to prioritize usability and storage while providing ample space for various activities. Our team carefully considers the requirements and preferences of the family to ensure that the space not only looks beautiful but also enhances the well-being of its occupants.


We believe in creating unique experiences through our designs. Our attention to detail and thoughtful planning result in spaces that effortlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. By improving the environments where people live, work, relax, and socialize, We create spaces that inspire and enhance the quality of life for our clients.


The brand's storytelling revolves around the versatility of modern classic interior design. Whether clients desire a classic, traditional look or a more modern, contemporary feel, Imagination's Inc. can customise the design to fit any space and style. The use of natural materials, such as wood and stone, adds warmth and a welcoming atmosphere, while textures like silk and velvet provide a touch of luxury. Each element is carefully considered to create a space that is both timeless and visually captivating.


We offer an unparalleled experience of transforming an empty space into a dream home with minimal effort. By getting to know the family's requirements, tastes, and needs, our team ensures that each project becomes a canvas for creating new and lasting memories.