Getting to know the client.

The first and most important stage in the design process is getting to know the client. We conduct a detailed interview in the form of a questionnaire which aims to essential guidelines necessary to begin the project. We talk about pleasant topics such as the colour scheme, materials, and the desired style. and what kind of budget the client has allocated for the project.


Concept & planing.

Before beginning work on a concept, we take precise measurements of the interior and create photo documentation of the space. We present our concept using mood board with supporting conceptual images, At the same time we propose best possible options of interior layout. This helps the client gain orientation in the space, making it easier to understand how it is organised and dependencies between its elements.


3D Model & Visualisation.

After choosing the final version of the functional layout, We create a 3D model of the interior which provides a starting point for our work on the concept design following that we proceed to the creation of computer visualisations, which are intended to show how the investment will look after the remodeling is completed. We choose specific furniture, lighting, colour schemes, and materials.


Cost Estimation.

After the concept and design has been approved, we generate a detailed cost estimate. This document gives the client detailed information regarding all of the furnishings and finishing along with costs. It is important that the whole concept is created from the beginning within a clearly stated budget. The cost estimate is merely a more precise version of this budget.


Site Execution.

After the design and cost estimate have been approved, we create a detailed executive design which includes all essential technical drawings required by the contractors and carpenters. As a standard practice, we supervise the implementation of the design. We remain in constant contact with the investor and contractors to ensure the project is handed to client in commited timeline.


Heartly Welcome.

We are invariably touched every time we complete a project and can stand back and admire the work together with the client, designers, and contractors. we are proud when they come to fruition and the client is happy.