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Posted by Admin | 9 Jun 2023

While some may say construction is merely enough for a project, not for Imagination Inc. For them, it all begins with a concept, a unique idea and a daring vision. They breathe life into their projects by thoughtfully planning out their entire space. With cutting-edge innovations and technology, this interior design solutions firm’s holistic approach espouses the best design values and breathes new life into its projects with its unique visual language. Their lead designer, Shriya Kolte, is known for her astute sense of design. This young entrepreneur has combined her sense of design with art exposure from across the globe to establish Imagination Inc. in 2016. She has accomplished over 350 projects in Mumbai and Pune and is known for her sophistication, brilliance in style, innovative ideas and attention to minute details. She has made sure to handpick a team of talented, edgy, zealous designers who further contribute to her “Imagination Edge.”


For all their projects, the interiors are conceptualised and designed by Imagination Inc. From high-quality standards to design uniqueness and transparency, they are headed by a team of visionaries and dynamic leaders.This interior design solutions firm is known for their flawless services in all their projects. Their main aim was not only to create spaces which are present-perfect and future-proof, but also blend well with the surroundings, and exude vitality and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, honesty, innovation, excellence, sustainability,value creation, and commitment to timely delivery are the core values that Imagination Inc abides by, which are perfectly aligned with all their projects.Years of research, hardwork and dedication has resulted in their artistic, ingenious design style making Imagination Inc. one of the best interior design companies in the country. Combining talent, innovation and a great leadership, they have been accorded with various awards and recognition including the Innovative Design of the Year (Residential), Best Interior Design, Interior Design Firm of the Year and Luxury Interiors of the Year amongst other honours.




With a strong team of interior designers, architects, artists, stylists and decorators, Imagination Inc is driven by a passion for creativity and innovation in planning and creating spaces.They focus on the minute details and intricacies that can add an edge and up the ante of the designs. Every design is a unique mission for the team to execute with precision and efficiency.From high-end residential schemes to commercial projects and luxury properties including rustic retreats and plush penthouses, Imagination Inc’s expertise knows no bounds. The firm takes pride in designing spaces tailored to the exacting specifications of the client, bringing their visions to life with a keen attention to detail and an unparalleled level of customisation. With a number of accolades under their belt, the firm has successfully completed multiple projects.