24 NOV 2018

Add a Little Wood to it.!

We all know how essential a good interior is to highten the look and feel of your home! And what material helps you achieve this? It's Wood. Yes you heard it right wood!!. Adding a bit of wood to your interiors can greatly enhance the feel of your interior to have a positive impact on your mind and soul.

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07 DEC 2018

Stylish & Spacious Use of Furniture for your Interiors

An article published by the Prestigious Society Interiors Magazine talking about the Sytlish yet Spacious use of furniture to not just make compact spaces look larger but to also add a charm to the interiors thereby increasing it's overall appeal.

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01 JAN 2019

Minimalism, The Go Green Way - Times Property Coverage

More and more clients today look to build their interiors in a minimalistic design concept. Not only does it make the interiors look Spacious and Clean, it also adds a charm of Elegance a hourse Interior needs to poses. Imagionation Inc has also refined the minimalistic design concept to go hand in hand with the Go Green initiative. Read on how Imagionation Inc has made efficient use of waste wood & features to completely bring to life interiors for it's clients

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